The LL.M. Law Group is a full service corporate immigration law firm. We work with companies, families and individuals to help obtain nonimmigrant visas, immigrant visas (“Green Cards”), and apply for U.S. citizenship. The LL.M. Law Group works with U.S. companies to bring the talent of the world to America by providing first class immigration services through a highly efficient legal practice that will keep costs low and thereby bring exceptional value to both the business and individual client. The LL.M. Law Group’s multicultural lawyers and staff seek to promote a global legal community that will help facilitate immigration and business opportunities in Chicago, the United States and abroad through a network of international immigration attorneys and fellow citizens of the world. The immigration lawyers at the LL.M. Law group are licensed to practice immigration law throughout the United States and concentrate primarily in helping immigrants and visitors to the United States obtain visas, permanent residency (“Green Cards”) and U.S. citizenship. Our immigration lawyers and staff typically provide advice in English, but can provide immigration advice in several other languages.


  1. Retaining an immigration attorney gives the person, institution, or employer more knowledge in dealing with the United States government and increases the probability that the final resolution of the immigration case will be positive.
  2. With a thorough understanding of immigration filing procedures for different types of visas and immigration issues, an immigration lawyer is able to interview individuals and companies seeking immigration services in order to quickly and accurately assess the needs and give appropriate recommendations.
  3. Attorneys at the LL.M. Law Group possess considerable cultural experience. They are able to communicate effectively with not only educational institutions and U.S. corporations, but also foreign companies, students, and families from a variety of cultures in a diplomatic and tactful manner.


“Don Garner made sure to copy me on all communications between his office and the USCIS. He also kept an up to date file in case I misplaced any of my documents. The entire process went so smoothly and it was completed a lot sooner than I had expected. The LL. M. Law Group is extremely professional. They are very experienced and familiar with the procedures involved in these types of cases.”

“I would like to thank you for your help in this matter. You changed my family’s life!”

“I am applying for a green card at the moment and use Donald Garner at the LL.M. Law Group as an attorney. Don is different since he explained to me the different scenarios that COULD happen and how we can get prepared for the ‘what ifs’ of immigration. Every lawyer told me a different story and I had no clue who to believe. Don is extremely reliable and offers very reasonable flat fees for processing applications.”

“I have been truly impressed with the level of attention to my case, timely conduct and updates and communication. I have never felt the door was closed and I felt comfortable reaching out anytime. Very professional and personable experience!”

“The people at the USCIS always seemed to be losing my papers, and every time I called, I would just get those endless messages. After I contacted Don Garner, I received a status update that same week! I felt much more confident knowing that I had an immigration lawyer I could trust.”

“Thank you for all your efforts which made all these troubles go away. I am very proud to have met you.

“Don has been a friend of mine for many years through the Rotary Club of Chicago. What is great about Don is his willingness to reach out to new people, take on responsibilities, listen to what people have to say and still stay down to earth. Don is one of the most intelligent people I know and is a master of several languages. While I have never hired Don and his immigration law practice I am beyond confident that he provides the best service to his clients and that he is as honest and ethical as they come.”

“On Don Garner’s talk at the Rotary Club of Winnetka on comprehensive immigration reform – Don Garner is a great speaker who puts the immigration issue into great perspective. Thank you for the presentation!”

“On Don Garner’s talk on immigration – You blew the group away. I can’t tell you how many remarks I heard about you… rave reviews.”

“With your critcal help I am now very close to becoming a U.S. citizen. It took me a long time and a lot of paper filing but I was not ready for another delay or loss of application… you clearly did a small miracle: we actually heard a friendly voice at USCIS (live!) and had the interview (SP) rescheduled in two days!”

“Your thoughtfulness and concern is greatly appreciated!”

“Thank you again for the excellent advice.”