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Cost: $125
Consultation fees are common in the practice of immigration law because the level of knowledge of immigration law required to accurately assess the options available to a prospective client, coupled with the amount of time required to obtain this information, deserve some fee for this effort.  The immigration consultation fee is non-refundable.  If the LL.M. Law Group can help you, the consultation fee will be credited toward the entire legal fee.  A receipt for payment will be provided to you after the consultation. 
Payment Methods:    Credit card
Check or money order payable to “LL.M. Law Group
Types of Consultation:
  1. In person consultation at office of LL.M. Law Group
  2. Telephone consultation
  3. E-mail consultation
Purpose of Immigration Consultation: The immigration consultation allows for the U.S. company, U.S. citizen, immigrant or non-immigrant to decide whether the legal services provided by the LL.M. Law Group will be of use to them and whether the proposed terms and fees are satisfactory.  At the immigration consultation, an attorney from the LL.M. Law Group will gather information to do the following: 
  1. Determine the goals of the client;
  2. Identify immigration options that correspond to the client’s goals;
  3. Establish the attorney-client relationship and the scope of the representation;
  4. Determine government filing fees and attorney fees;
  5. Set a short- and long-term agenda for the immigration case.

Scope of Representation for Immigration Consultation

A. CONFIDENTIALITY:  All information obtained during the immigration consultation will remain confidential.  Please note that attorney-client communication is protected by the confidentiality rule except if the client informs the LL.M. Law Group that he plans on committing a future crime. 

B. MUTUAL TRUST:  In order to properly represent our clients, it is necessary to have complete honesty.  If the LL.M. Law Group suspects that a client is not telling the truth or is seeking to procure an immigration benefit by fraud (e.g., marrying a U.S. citizen for a green card), then it reserves the right to withdraw its representation. 

C. RETAINER AGREEMENT:  The LL.M. Law Group will represent a client only after signing a retainer agreement upon completion of an immigration consultation.

Please complete the information below and submit it on-line or print Immigration Consultation Procedures.pdf and fax or mail it to us. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open this file. To install Acrobat Reader please click here. You may also download the Immigration Consultation Procedures in Word



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