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The LL.M. Law Group has helped all types of immigrants and nonimmigrants obtain visas and United States citizenship; and to help with different immigration problems presented by recent changes in American immigration law.

Individuals may apply for the following types of visas to the United States:

Permanent Residency Visas / "Green Cards"

Nonimmigrant Visas

Family Visas

In order to best assist you, please complete the Immigration Questionnaire (one for every applicant) in full and return to our office by e-mail, fax or mail at the address below. Please note that you will also need to send copies of all passports and immigration documentation pertinent to the case. 


Citizen or Permanent Resident


seeking to help a relative immigrate to the United States, a separate questionnaire should be completed by both you and your relative


Investor in the United States


please include details regarding the investment


Student or
Exchange Visitor


please include information about your host educational institution or program



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